My name is Tiffany and I currently reside in Rock Hill, SC. I am originally from Kershaw, SC.  I have lived in Rock Hill since 2005. I attended Winthrop University where I majored in Social Work ( and met my husband at the same time) and later received my Masters of Business of Administration in 2008 from the University of Phoenix-Charlotte.  I have been married since 2007 and had a son, “the kid”,  in 2008.  I have been a Social Worker since 2003 and worked various jobs (foster care, department of social services, foster home placements and HIV/AIDS care). I became a “Domestic Engineer” aka housewife  after losing my job in 2007.

I recently started doing coupons  after my son was born and money got tight. I have learned a lot and pretty sure there is more for me to learn. My favorite store to shop is Rite Aid. I have found many a deal in this store and love the single check rebate program. Its an actual check I can cash at my local bank.  So this blog will be about Rite Aid and other deals I think are a great steal or deal! Thanks for visiting!  I love saving and sharing!!!

P.S. I want to Shout Out Coupon Mama for all her help and for spreading God’s message through something as simple as a coupon. Click to find out more deals from Coupon Mama!!!


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